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About ayurveda

Ayurveda is an age old medicine system with its roots in the history of the Indian subcontinent. The Ayurveda traditions serve as the source of globalised and modernized practices propagating an alternative medicine system. In many countries, these therapies and practices are being integrated into wellness as well as medicinal use. In fact, even Tibetan and Chinese medicines both find their roots in Ayurveda.

It imparts the wisdom of keeping the health in sync with the body's full potential. It's a subtle reminder of the fact that our health is a position of balance between our environment, body, mind, and soul. As per Ayurveda, there are primarily three fundamental energies that govern our inner and outer environments.

Ayurveda in everyday life

Ayurveda is not just a system of medicines and healing; it's a way of leading a healthy lifestyle. It advocates the practice of waking up early in the morning. It's said that waking up early is a sign of good health and is believed to bring peace of mind and freshen up the senses. After this, we need to cleanse our body and drink a lot of water.

Another important thing is to say morning prayers in order to start the day with positivity. Prayers help in keeping our mind positive and drive the negative thoughts away. Other essential practices of Ayurveda include meditation and Pranayaam. These practices regulate the breathing and bring balance into our lives.


Ayurveda is not just used as a medicine but it also acts as a medium for beauty treatment and healthy diets. The term itself means "lifespan built on knowledge" or the "Science of Life". Apart from regulating our health, it plays a crucial role in keeping the body young and the skin glowing. It emphasizes on the use of herbal supplements.

As beauty begins with good health, Ayurveda propagates the process of purifying the blood, balancing the moisture of the skin, and maintaining the elasticity of the skin. Owing to the use of natural ingredients sourced from the environment, it's advisable to use Ayurveda over the commercial and chemical cosmetics that are abundantly found in the market. Nothing else can take care of our mind, body, and soul as much as Ayurveda.

Benefits of ayurveda

The benefits of Ayurveda are quite well known backed by proven results and are not limited to just written claims. Ayurveda not just ensures a good health but also keeps the body free from diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure. It is an effective way of reducing stress, shedding off additional wait so as to keep the body fit.

When it comes to the skin, Ayurveda products are quite effective in ensuring a healthy glowing skin and cleansing of the body. Through the oil massage therapy, the toxic elements are pushed from the tissues to the digestive tracts an ultimately pushed out of the body. It also strengthens the hair from roots to the tips leaving them glossy.


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