About Us

Marudhar Herbal was established in the year 2007. Now-a-days the trend in customers is moving more towards naturally derived ingredients. Keeping this in view, we make a bridge between holistic Ayurvedic concepts, which is science of life over 5000 years with modern science.

Mellow is the brand name of our hair care and skin care products. Mellow, a well matured, softer and gentler brings a new look to take care of your skin and hair. Mellow makes a bridge between you and nature, of course you should be compatible with nature and you should love nature.

Mellow is covered with wide range of products using ayurvedic ingredients in right proportion, keeping its maximum benefits in our everyday life.

We pick up Herbal ingredients scientifically, processed in our plant following GMP, hygienic condition. Consistency, quality and safety of the products is our main motto.

Our nature based ayurvedic products reflect in beauty, slow down the ageing and keep youthfulness in skin and mind. As a manufacturer of Mellow products, we share it with our customers, just as we need them to share their feelings about our products.