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It’s a well known fact that lack of good hair care often leads to issues like dandruff, hairfall, early graying of hair, and so on. Basically, your health determines the quality of your hair. Undoubtedly, you can use the Ayurvedic products like massage oil, shampoo, etc to keep your hair strong, voluminous, and shiny. But the quality of your diet and lifestyle is equally crucial.

Mentioned below are some guidelines that are important for good hair care:

Regular massage

Natural hair care ingredients like Bhringraj (Eclipta Alba), Amla (Gooseberry), and Japa (Hibiscus) are quite beneficial for your hair growth. A regular massage of oils on your scalp will ensure that you get enough nourishment and the oil reaches to the roots of your hair. This makes them stronger and lustrous thereby reducing the hairfall.

Thorough cleansing

It’s very important to keep the scalp clean for ensuring a healthy hair texture. Regular cleansing can help a great deal in avoiding clogged hair follicles and an itchy scalp. You can follow natural hair care tips like using lukewarm water and using natural ways to dry hair rather than blow dry.

Avoiding Stress

It’s very important for your body to get proper rest and keep your stress at bay. An insufficient sleep may lead to problems like hairfall and poor health growth. Make sure that you get enough sleep and stay relieved from all the tension while going to sleep.

Nutritious Diet

The key to a healthy body and hair is to consume food that ensures good digestion and immunity. Ayurveda advocates the use of natural ingredients like Haridra (Turmeric), Maricha (Black Pepper), Methi (Fenugreek), Jeera (Cumin seeds), and herbs like Amlakai (Emblica Officinalis), Haritaki (Terminalia Chebula) and seasonal fruits.

Mellow’s Natural Hair Care Products:

Mellow brings to you an amazing range of natural hair care products ranging from shampoo (for both normal and dry hair) to conditioner and from nourishing pack to hair oil.

We offer the following natural hair care products composed of pure natural extracts and herbs:

  •  Hibiscus Hair Conditioner
  •  Herbal Shampoo
  •  Berry Shampoo
  •  Sesame Hair Oil
  •  Hair Nourishing Pack

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Anita Jain
Anita Jain
Tuesday 28th January 2020

Hello, I am using mellow products for 2 months. The products are awesome. I am using day cream , night cream , face wash , shampoo and conditioner. All the products are fully herbal and very good. The prices are also very reasonable. I also like lip balm. I will continue the product for my home and tell my friends about the product. I really like these products.

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