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As the winter season is approaching, you may observe your skin getting a little itchy and flaky due to the change in the climate. It’s a known fact that we all take our skin for granted, especially in winters. 

We often use layers as a shield to cover our body and hide the dry areas. However, this time, you don’t have to hide anything anymore as you can pay attention to body care and skincare using Ayurvedic products. 

Let’s take a quick look at some common winter problems and how to deal with the skin issues properly. 

The neck

In winters, the skin ranging from the neck to the earlobes gets a little flaky and the dead skin starts to shed. You may want to cover yourself with all the scarves, mufflers, and high-neck pullovers but the truth is that you still need to make efforts for your body care. 

Using rose water can help a lot in toning the skin and when you do that make sure you extend it from the neck to the earlobes. Besides, try exfoliating twice or thrice a week and massage thoroughly using a body lotion. 

The web area

No we are not talking about the spider’s web but the gaps between your fingers and toes. Don’t let the socks or the gloves cover the white patches. Instead, heal them with moisturizer and foot cream (in case of toe-webs). Follow this pro-tip for an excellent body care during winters.

Elbows and knees

 Winters are synonymous with full-sleeves sweaters and pyjamas. These might hide the patches and the dryness of the elbows and knees but you shouldn’t leave them unattended. The ideal way is to apply body lotion thoroughly on your skin and massage it gently to ensure good body care. 

The ankles and lips

The most commonly affected parts in winters are the ankles and lips. Besides the body care range, Mellow’s lip care products come handy in ensuring soft, pinkish lips throughout the winters. While your ankles’ cracks can be healed by using the Krack Heal Cream that keep your heels and soles just as good as new. 

Pro Tip

Feeling lazy in winters is natural but you actually don’t have to hide your body anymore if you constantly take care of it. Just ensure that take a healthy diet and apply lotion on your skin regularly. Doing just that would ensure that you don’t have to hide from any kind of embarrassment in front of others! Follow proper body care and flaunt a healthy glow on your skin irrespective of the climate. 

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