Quick Tips to Reduce the Dark Circles

Is your late-night cell phone usage and lack of sleep, the cause of your under-eye dark circles? Whether you blame it to the recent show on OTTs or to the holiday next day, you are taking your skin for a toss if you are using mobiles late at night.

Compromising sleep is taking your eye’s health for a toss. It can cause weakness, under-eye circles, etc.

Before we move on to how you can start with the quick under-eye skin repair, let us see some reasons that are causing trouble for you even when you don’t know it.

Some Reasons You Get Dark Circles Under Eyes

Dark circles are a common cosmetic concern, regardless of age and gender. 

When blood vessels under your eyes weaken and burst, it can result in dark circles and discoloration of the top two layers of skin. Poor circulation causes them to look dark and bluish.

These dark patches under the eyes can make you look tired, sick, and older than you actually are. 

Let us explore the various reasons behind this common problem.

Lack of Sleep: One of the most common reasons behind dark circles is a lack of sleep. When you don't get enough sleep, your body produces more cortisol, which causes blood vessels to dilate and become more visible under the skin. This can result in a bluish tint under the eyes, making dark circles appear.

Dehydration: Dehydration is another factor that can lead to dark circles. When dehydrated, the skin under your eyes can become dull and dry, making the blood vessels more noticeable. This can give the appearance of dark circles.

Genetics: Another reason why humans get dark circles is genetics. Some people are born with thinner skin around their eyes, making the blood vessels more visible. Additionally, some people tend to inherit pigmentation around the eyes that can cause dark circles to become more noticeable.

Age: Skin loses its elasticity with age. This can cause the skin under our eyes to sag, making the blood vessels more noticeable. Additionally, our skin becomes thinner as we age, making the veins under our eyes more visible and prominent.

Allergies: Allergies are another common cause of dark circles. When you have allergies, your body produces histamines, which can cause inflammation and swelling around your eyes. This can make the blood vessels more visible and lead to the appearance of dark circles.

Medical Conditions: Certain conditions, such as anaemia, thyroid problems, and eczema, can also cause dark circles. Anaemia is when your body doesn't produce enough red blood cells, leading to fatigue and dark circles. Thyroid problems can also cause fatigue and dark circles, while eczema can cause inflammation and eye dryness.

Remove Dark Circles:The Secret to Your Happy Glowing Skin.

This is what you can do to get rid of puffy eyes with dark circles:

  • Cold Compress: 

Put a cold compress to your eyes using a spoon to help constrict dilated blood vessels. This can lessen the look of dark circles and swollen eyelids.

  • Get more sleep: 

Aim for a minimum of seven hours of sleep each night to avoid developing shadows around your eyes.

  • Use additional pillows:  

Elevate your head using additional pillows and stop fluid from accumulating beneath your eyes at night. This might reduce puffiness.

  • Under eye cream: 

While, use of cosmetics might leave you to double thoughts, use high-quality skin friendly under eye cream. You can try under eye cream from Mellow. It is loaded with natural herbs to nurture the under eye skin.  

  • Tissue fillers: 

Injectable fillers like hyaluronic acid gel can plump up your skin and improve its texture.


Other than applying creams and taking treatments, it won't hurt to apply vitamin E oil to your under-eye area as it has antioxidant and moisturising characteristics and there are a few studies to support its use in treating or preventing dark circles.

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