Collection: Toners and Mists

Skincare for refreshed skin

Allow your skin to glow with its natural radiance with the Mellow skincare collection. A thoughtfully curated range of herbal skincare which would help your skin to grow healthy, clear and radiant. A good skincare routine is not just important for your appearance but for the long-term health of your skin, as a good skincare routine helps your skin to stay in good condition, look more youthful, stay clear of skin problems and look its best. Mellow skincare products help you to achieve all of your skincare goals with their 100% herbal ingredients and traditional formulation, which would help your skin to get proper nourishment and care.

Using face toner as an important step

Face toner helps your skin to hydrate and feel deeply moisturised. It helps your skin to feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Face toner also prepares your skin to absorb the other skincare products properly, for effective results. Mellow skincare range would help you to find best toner for face which will replenish your skin with required nourishment and care.

Mellow Rose Water

Mellow Rose Water is a purely authentic blend which would help your skin feel instantly rejuvenated. It is a steam distilled pure rose water which makes it the best toner for face. It helps your skin to get an even tone, diminishes fine lines and hydrates the skin. It is also suitable to be used as a toner for oily skin, as it reduces excessive oil from the skin and helps you to achieve a radiant glow. It is suitable for all skin types and can be used multiple times in a day for a cooling and soothing effect on your skin.

Mellow Basil Astritone

Mellow Basil Astritone is a basil-based face toner which helps your skin to get a spot-free glow. It significantly improves the health of your skin and provides an even tone look. Mellow face toner is suitable for controlling excessive oil and helping you get a spotless radiance. Mellow face toner helps your skin to hydrate, tone, moisturise and tighten. This face toner for oily skin is made of plant-based ingredients which are gentle on your skin. It is suitable for normal to oily skin type and can be used multiple times in a day for best results. 

Use daily for rejuvenated skin

Consistent efforts towards skin care help to keep your skin health in check and maintain its natural glow. Mellow is the one-stop solution to all your skincare problems. Regular use of Mellow face toners would help you to get desired results by significantly improving your skin appearance. So, put yourself first and feel closer to nature by choosing Mellow Herbals, a natural way of living.