Collection: Face UV Protection

Include sun protection in your skincare

Allow your skin to glow with its natural radiance with the Mellow skincare collection. A thoughtfully curated range of herbal skincare which would help your skin to grow healthy, clear and radiant. A good skincare routine is not just important for your appearance but for the long-term health of your skin, as a good skincare routine helps your skin to stay in good condition, look more youthful, stay clear of skin problems and look its best. Mellow skincare products help you to achieve all of your skincare goals with their 100% herbal ingredients and traditional formulation, which would help your skin to get proper nourishment and care.

Why is using sunscreen important?

Sunscreens are the best way to protect your skin, improve its appearance and enhance its health. They act as a barrier to protect your skin from sun damage and significantly reduce the signs of premature ageing. It is important to use sunscreen daily even when you are indoors to help your skin stay protected and healthy. With Mellow skincare range, you can stay protected from sun damage and its harmful effects on your skin with Ozone Suntan Lotion, a natural sunscreen.

Mellow Ozone Suntan Lotion

Mellow Ozone Suntan Lotion is a 100% natural sunscreen which would keep sun damage at bay. It provides the protection to your skin with SPF 25 for a radiant look. Mellow sunscreen helps your skin to retain moisture, reduce early signs of ageing and prevent sunburn, so, you can enjoy outdoors without damaging your skin. Mellow sunscreen is rich in vitamin A, E, D and K, which helps to deeply nourish your skin; sunflower oil, olive oil and carrot seed oil provide your skin with a protective layer to reduce tissue damage and pigmentation; liquorice root extracts protect your skin from discolouration, and maintain skin health; aloe vera gel provides deep moisturisation throughout the day by locking-in hydration. Mellow natural sunscreen is suitable for all skin types and should be used before stepping out for best results.

Step outside without worrying about sun damage

Consistent efforts towards skin care help to keep your skin health in check and maintain its natural glow. Mellow is the one-stop solution to all your skincare problems. Our herbal products are suitable for all skin types as well, so you can give your skin the right nourishment while also meeting your special skin type needs. Regular use of Mellow Ozone Suntan Lotion would help you to get desired results by significantly improving your skin appearance and protecting your skin from sun damage. So, put yourself first and feel closer to nature by choosing Mellow Herbals, a natural way of living.