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The Company

Before the inception of Mellow as a brand, we already had our first product, the Sesame Hair Oil! It was books, herbs and many consultations that led to the creation of the final formula which turned out to be incredibly successful. Soon, the news of the hair oil travelled to other close relatives, and it worked like magic for them as well.
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“Being a doctor, I have hasty mornings and busy days. There is hardly any time for extensive clean ups and facials. I had dry and dull skin. Mellow facewash came as a survivor. In few washes, I got the glow and compliments!

Dr Monika Goel

I stumbled through mellow’s amazon page while I was looking for a paraben free facewash. Little did I know my morning cleansing regime would begin feeling incomplete without Mellow’s Marigold and Mint Facewash. I’m a sucker for mint based facewashes and this one perfectly fits the bill. It’s made my skin as soft as a marsh mellow and all my acne marks have vanished away!

Sakshi Jain

My Skin and Hair regime basically consists mostly of Mellow products only, and I absolutely love this brand. I completely rely on Mellow's haircare range to bring about some much needed shine and volume to my naturally oily and thin hair. And frankly I don't remember the last time I had any bad-skin related issue ever since I started using Mellow's face products. As a longstanding and very satisfied customer , I eagerly look forward to whatever new releases they come up with.

Shreetama Ray

“ started using mellow’s hair oil two years back, i have Tamed flyaways and my brittle hair is where this product does the most inspired work. It has successfully Erased the dullness and this oil has restored my hair with a smooth and beautiful shiny texture over the years. Absolute must have and something i can’t do without. Also, the smell of the oil brings you closer to nature.”

Dolly Bhatia

Mellow products are awesome. I have been using from a long time. They are completely natural. I strongly recommend people to use. They will definitely find positive results.

Poonam Maheshwari(Teacher)