The company

The Company

Not Looking back 

Before the inception of Mellow as a brand, we already had our first product, the Sesame Hair Oil! It was books, herbs and many consultations that led to the creation of the final formula which turned out to be incredibly successful. Soon, the news of the hair oil travelled to other close relatives, and it worked like magic for them as well. We soon realized that it had the potential to solve many concerns that most people face in their daily lives. After the sesame oil, there was no looking back!
After the success of the Sesame hair oil, I had already thought of laying the foundation for my dream project. I knew the scale of expansion I looked for was not possible from my kitchen. As the demand increased, the size of the kitchen seemed to shrink. It was high time that I moved to a new place. Lucky enough, I got a good team and plenty of space to grow. My team and I laid the foundation of our factory in 2008. 13 years have passed, and I remember it like it was just yesterday. We do not believe in artificial and chemical products even now. All ingredients are sourced from nature's lap to offer you quality and premium ayurvedic solutions.


Ayurveda for All

Tradition and culture have been extremely important to us, and we believe that there is so much from our culture that we can learn and infuse the modern world and Ayurveda is one of the things that we believe will always be relevant in its richness. We often see how ancient sciences are written off completely because chemicals that can harm our skin, hair, and bodies just seem more convenient. Knowing how harmful these chemicals can be, we at Mellow strive to make Ayurveda accessible to all. We bring to you the expertise of the oldest medical science, all ingredients are well researched, all combinations are well thought out and tested, and the end product is a promise of all-natural goodness.