Collection: Nourishment

Give your hair some extra nourishment

Give your hair the nourishment it deserves with Mellow hair care collection. A thoughtfully curated range of herbal hair care which would make your hair grow longer, stronger and smoother. Daily exposure to environmental irritants like dust, pollution and heat makes your scalp sensitive and thus causes discomfort. To reverse this damage your hair requires something extra to replenish the scalp to stay healthy. Mellow hair care range comes with 100% herbal hair products which would help to lock-in volume and strength in your hair.

Oiling is best to retain hydration

Hair oil is an essential product to include in your daily hair care routine, because oiling your hair essentially locks in hydration and keeps your scalp healthy. Mellow ayurvedic hair oil has the added benefits of 22 natural herbs which help to strengthen your hair follicles and reverse daily damage, caused due to pollution. Sesame and Hibiscus oil is an ayurvedic hair oil which acts like a magic potion for damaged hair. It is a vitamin enriched hair oil which gives you healthy and lustrous hair, while also hydrating your scalp. Sesame is rich in fatty omega acid which naturally stimulates your hair follicles for hair growth and it also works as a hair oil for hair fall. Sesame hair oil is more often recommended to potentially avoid or slow down greying hair. Include Mellow hair oil in your daily hair care routine and follow it by Mellow Herbal Shampoo to significantly improve the quality of your hair, and help it gain volume and strength.

Rejuvenate your scalp using hair pack

Mellow Hair Nourishing Pack is an ayurvedic blend to nourish your hair with extra care. It has amla, bhringraj, henna, methi and neem which help to rejuvenate your scalp for healthy nourished hair. Amla acts as a powerful antioxidant which helps to keep your scalp dandruff-free. Bhringraj prevents the greying of hair prematurely and improves hair texture. Applying hair pack and then washing it with Mellow Herbal Shampoo can help your hair to grow stronger, smoother and shinier.

Just washing your hair is not enough

It is important for you to put consistent efforts towards hair care to keep your hair health in check and maintain its natural glow. Just washing your hair is not enough as it requires extra nourishment to reserve damage. Mellow herbal hair care range is your one-stop solution to all of your hair problems. Our herbal products are suitable for all hair types as well, so you can give your hair the right nourishment while also meeting your special hair type needs. So, put yourself first and feel closer to nature by choosing Mellow Herbals, a natural way of living.