• Hair Nourishing Pack
  • Hair Nourishing Pack

Hair Nourishing Pack

An Ayurvedic Blend for Hair Nourishment. 

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  • Cleanse, replenish, and nourish your hair with Mellow"s Hair Nourishing Pack. Shining strong hair with Amla, Bhringraj, Henna, Methi, and Neem. Use it for rejuvenated hair scalp

    Made for:

    • Clean hair scalp.
    • Nourished healthy hair.
    • Shining lustrous hair.
    • Dandruff-free scalp.

    Real Result* -

    Reduced hair-fall and hair re-growth :- 98%
    Stronger hair:- 97%
    Shining and lustrous hair:- 99%
    Improved overall hair health:- 98%
    *based on a consumer study of 28 women, ages 22-65, after using for 15 days. Results may vary.







    Use the Hair Nourishing Pack from Mellow for naturally shining hair. Enriched with Amla, the hair pack keeps your scalp free from dandruff and itching. Bhringraj prevents dandruff and greying of hair after regular use. Nourishing pack has henna, that restores the pH value and keeps dryness away. Methi improves hair lustre, and Neem helps keep infections at bay.

    • The hair nourishing pack from Mellow gives you shining long hair.
    • The pack helps to clean the scalp and remove all infections.
    • The pack adds moisture to the hair scalp preventing undue dryness.
    • The hair pack gives you stronger hair and a healthier scalp.

    Mellow is taking its commitment one step further in a bid to minimize waste through eco-friendly packaging. The Lip Treatment is stored in PETE Jars, short for Polyethylene Terephthalate. It is a strong, non-reactive, shatter-proof fiber, which makes these products travel-friendly as well. PETE is 100% recyclable and highly sustainable. Due to lack of awareness, these bottles are disposed of incorrectly even though these containers go a long way and can be reused for years, even centuries. Further our products are delivered in boxes made of recycled paper. At Mellow, the only way you’ll go is closer to nature!

    How To Use?

    Hair Type: All

    Where: Hair

    When: AM

    Can be used once or twice a week for best results.


    a. Take an appropriate amount of pack considering the hair’s length and volume.

    b. Mix it with curd/eggs to make a smooth paste.

    c. Apply it evenly on hair and leave it for 45-60 minutes.

    d. Wash your hair with normal water. For best results use Mellow Herbal Shampoo.

    Our ingredients

    All Mellow products are made with hand-picked natural ingredients and are small-batched.
    We promise the freshness of real ingredients, and the expertise of this ancient native science.

    • Amla

      Amla is always a part of the traditional Indian medicine system. It is rich in Vitamin C, antioxidants, and other nutrients. Amla strengthens the hair scalp after cleaning it. The use of Amla stimulates hair growth and reduces hair loss.

    • Bhringraj

      Bhringraj treats baldness and helps in hair growth. It prevents hair fall and greying of hair. Bhringraj adds to the luster of hair.

    • Methi

      Methi is rich in iron and protein that are essential for hair growth. It contains flavonoids that induce hair growth. Methi is also known for its anti-inflammatory and antifungal effects.

    • Neem

      Neem promotes healthy hair growth and effectively reduces dandruff. It conditions the hair scalp and temporarily seals hair follicles.

    • Henna

      Fine Henna maintains the scalp"s pH value and controls oil production. It is known to curb hair fall and boost hair growth. Henna is an excellent hair conditioner.

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