• Ozone Suntan Lotion
  • Ozone Suntan Lotion
  • Ozone Suntan Lotion
  • Ozone Suntan Lotion

Ozone Suntan Lotion

Keep Sun Damage at Bay.

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  • Provide your skin with a protective layer of Mellow Ozone Suntan Lotion with SPF 25 for healthy radiant skin. It helps to prevent sun damage, retain moisture and reduce the early signs of ageing. So, you can enjoy the outdoors without a worry of skin damage.

    Made for:

    • All Skin types
    • Sun protection
    • Moisturising effect

    Real Result* -

    *based on a consumer study of 28 women, ages 22-65, after using for 15 days. Results may vary.







    Rich in vitamin A, E, D and K, Mellow Ozone Suntan Lotion with an SPF of 25 is a handbag essential that you can’t miss. Curated with the blend of sunflower oil, olive oil and carrot seed oil, it provides your skin with a natural barrier against tissue damage and reduces pigmentation on the skin. Liquorice root extract helps to reduce discolouration upon sun exposure and keeps your skin naturally radiant. Aloe vera gel helps to deeply nourish your skin with optimum hydration for an all-day long moisturisation. Extremely light on the skin, it would absorb quickly and allow you to enjoy the sun, without a worry of skin damage.

    • Helps to prevent sunburn
    • Reduces premature signs of ageing
    • Outdoors skin protection
    • Maintaining even complexion

    Packaging Mellow is taking its commitment one step further in a bid to minimise waste through eco-friendly packaging. The Ozone Suntan Lotion, SPF 25 is contained in LDPE Tubes, short for Low Density Polyethylene. This eliminates the need for secondary packaging making it a sustainable choice. LDPE itself is recyclable in nature and is also durable. At Mellow, the only way you will go is closer to nature!

    How To Use?

    Skin type: Suitable for all skin types

    Where: Face, neck and body

    When: Suitable for AM


    a. Cleanse your skin using a gentle wash and rinse with water.

    b. Take the required amount and apply on exposed areas.

    c. Recommended using 15-20 minutes before stepping out.

    d. Re-apply after every 2 hours of sun exposure.

    Our ingredients

    All Mellow products are made with hand-picked natural ingredients and are small-batched.
    We promise the freshness of real ingredients, and the expertise of this ancient native science.

    • Aloe Vera Gel

      Aloe Vera is a natural moisturiser with cooling effects that soothes scalp irritation. It contains enzymes that provide nourishment to the affected area. It has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

    • Sunflower Oil

      Sunflower oil is rich in vitamin E, sesamol, oleic acid and linoleic acid which help to maintain the natural barrier of skin against environmental irritants. It locks hydration and keeps your skin thoroughly moisturised. Sunflower oil is highly absorbent, which means it doesn’t clog your pores and feel light on your skin.

    • Carrot Seed Oil

      Carrot Seed Oil helps to provide holistic nourishment to your skin. Rich in vitamin A, vitamin E and carotenoids, it helps your skin to attain a naturally radiant complexion and even tone. It actively fights the signs of ageing and deeply retains hydration in your skin.

    • Liquorice Root Extract

      Liquorice Root Extract is widely known for its medicinal properties and robust skincare benefits. Rich in glabridin, it helps to stop discolouration during and immediately after sun exposure which prevents skin damage. It has a soothing effect and helps to ease inflammation, skin irritation and redness

    • Olive Oil

      Olive Oil has enriching skin moisturisation properties, which allow it to hydrate and nourishes the skin altogether. Rich in vitamin A, E, D and K, it is a powerhouse of nutrition and acts as an effective healer which helps our skin to repair damaged tissues and sunburn.