The Story Behind Mellow

Meet The founder

Mellow is a story about love, growth, and independence, and how all that we look for can be found in what we already have. I am an avid reader, and a lover of plants, so it is no surprise that I always find my inspiration in nature. Mellow is my brainchild that came into being when I was 33 years old, a homemaker and a mother of two. It is my quest for independence and also my resolve to find the answers within nature. I have always been passionate about making things fresh and naturally when it comes to self-care. The thought of using chemicals has always irked me, be it food for the body or for skin and hair.

It Began In The Kitchen!

Many years ago, I went out looking for a solution to my daughter’s deteriorating hair health. As a mother who loves her daughter dearly, I was motivated to find the best solution to our concerns. With this determination, we went to the native Indian doctor, ‘Vaid’ (Ayurvedic Doctor), and consulted him regarding our issues. I was enlightened with the new-found knowledge that the Vaid had provided me with, so much so that I started my own research. I went on experimenting with natural formulations in my kitchen! After working my fingers to the bone, I cracked that irreplaceable solution for hair care with our Sesame hair oil- the hair elixir.

The recipe that was founded due to this motherly love spread to close family members and because of the roaring success that it was, this mother-daughter duo realised the potential that lay in Ayurveda. “For me, nothing could have been more satisfying to see cultures and values passing from my generation to my daughter’s! This feeling is something I cherish!”


Meet The CEO

I had never actually thought that I would go into any sort of business. I had been working as a human rights lawyer because the ideas and values of women empowerment, labour rights, community building and inclusivity have always been very close to my heart. It is my strongest belief that there is no growth without community building and one can never actually grow alone, so, law was a very natural choice.

It was during the pandemic when my mother needed all hands-on deck that I realised that Mellow is my calling. I have always felt a deep connection with nature, and everything that it has to offer. I found peace in working at Mellow. I loved the idea that I could be bringing the values of Ayurveda to a younger generation and bridge the gap between the old and the new. Through Mellow, I also get to enhance my core values, be it working with local women and strengthening their community, or spreading the idea of inclusivity by making sure Mellow is a brand that is for all genders.
It felt like Home!

was the first user of mellow- mellow’s first fellow and being a core member of the company for the coming future feels like home to me. I remember my mother’s passion and her devising home remedies that are good for her skin’s health. Everything Natural, Ayurvedic, and Incomparably Magical! I knew what was in the brand and how dear it was to my mother.