• Almond Oil
  • Almond Oil

Almond Oil

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  • Mellow’s all-natural Almond oil is a commitment of pure care. Rich in vitamin E, minerals and healthy fats, this 100% pure almond extract would ensure holistic nourishment for healthier skin and hair.

    Made for:

    • Dryness of Skin
    • Skin Breakouts
    • Improving Uneven Skin

    Real Result* -

    *based on a consumer study of 28 women, ages 22-65, after using for 15 days. Results may vary.







    Mellow’s Almond oil is a pure extract that carters to your daily needs. It is suitable for both skin and hair. It has a sweet fragrance which ensures 100% pure quality and commitment for gentle care. Rich in healthy fats, vitamins, minerals and zinc, it is a powerhouse of nourishment, which makes your skin and hair flourish with new life.

    • Helps to improve skin tone
    • Acts as a natural moisturiser
    • Combats dry-skin related problems
    • Suitable for all skin & hair types

    Mellow is taking its commitment one step further in a bid to minimise waste through eco-friendly packaging. The Almond Oil is stored in PETE Bottles, short for Polyethylene Terephthalate. It is a strong, non-reactive, shatter-proof fibre, which makes these products travel friendly as well. PETE is 100% recyclable and highly sustainable. Due to lack of awareness, these bottles are disposed of incorrectly even though these containers go a long way and can be reused for years, even centuries. Further our products are delivered in boxes made of recycled paper. At Mellow, the only way you’ll go is closer to nature!  

    How To Use?

    Skin type: Suitable for all skin types

    Hair and skin type: Suitable for all hair and skin types

    Where: Skin and hair product

    When: Suitable for both AM and PM


    1. Take the required amount on your palm

    2. Apply to the affected area

    3. Gently massage in a circular motion to let the almond oil seep deeply.

    Tip- Use immediately after showering on damp skin and pat dry with a towel for best results.

    Our ingredients

    All Mellow products are made with hand-picked natural ingredients and are small-batched.
    We promise the freshness of real ingredients, and the expertise of this ancient native science.

    • Almond Oil

      Rich in vitamin E and zinc, Almond oil is a touch of natural nourishment. It is a nutrient-packed extract loaded with magnesium, phosphorus and copper. It is clinically proven for its free-radical fighting capabilities, improving skin health and providing moisturization.