• Anti-Cellulite Massage Oil
  • Anti-Cellulite Massage Oil
  • Anti-Cellulite Massage Oil
  • Anti-Cellulite Massage Oil

Anti-Cellulite Massage Oil

An Ayurvedic Innovation for Firm and Toned Skin.

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  • Anti-Cellulite Massage Oil is a luxurious blend of sesame oil and natural herbs. The ayurvedic properties of the oil help in cellulite reduction and deep skin nourishment.

    Made for:

    • Massage
    • Deep skin nourishment
    • Cellulite reduction
    • Body pain

    Real Result* -

    Helped in toning muscles.:- 98
    Reduced body pain :- 96
    Softness in your skin.:- 97
    Helped reducing stretch marks. :- 96
    *based on a consumer study of 28 women, ages 22-65, after using for 15 days. Results may vary.







    Mellow"s Anti Cellulite Massage Oil is a classic formulation of natural herbs like Kabila that offers smooth skin. It contains Jatamansi that has iconic benefits for the skin. The ingredient keeps body pain, wrinkles, and itching at bay. Bharangi, Nagarmotha, and Kasmard Beej further nourish the skin and help in cellulite reduction. Use this non-greasy massage oil regularly to get rid of body pains.

    • Anti-cellulite massage oil helps you tone muscles.
    • It helps in body pain.
    • The oil promotes softness in your skin.
    • It works on reducing fats.

    Mellow is taking its commitment one step further in a bid to minimize waste through eco-friendly packaging. Anti-Cellulite Massage Oil is stored in PETE Bottles, short for Polyethylene Terephthalate. It is a strong, non-reactive, shatter-proof fiber, which makes these products travel-friendly as well. PETE is 100% recyclable and highly sustainable. Due to lack of awareness, these bottles are disposed of incorrectly even though these containers go a long way and can be reused for years, even centuries. Further our products are delivered in boxes made of recycled paper. At Mellow, the only way you’ll go is closer to nature!

    How To Use?

    Skin Type: Normal to Dry Skin

    Where: Body

    When: AM and PM.

    Can be used once or twice a week for best results.


    a. Take a small amount of oil in your hand.

    b. Apply on the clean body parts.

    c. Gently massage in a circular motion and firm strokes.

    Our ingredients

    All Mellow products are made with hand-picked natural ingredients and are small-batched.
    We promise the freshness of real ingredients, and the expertise of this ancient native science.

    • Sendha Namak(Rock salt)

      Sendha Namak boosts skin"s health. It has ayurvedic properties that cleanse, strengthen, and rejuvenate the skin tissues.

    • Kabila

      Kabila has unique ayurvedic properties that work wonders for your skin. It has a cooling effect that keeps the skin soft and smooth.

    • Kasmard Beej

      Kasmard Beej has medicinal properties and ayurvedic attributes that speed the process of wound contraction. It is rich in antioxidants that prevent skin infection.

    • Jatamansi

      Jatamansi helps restore the complexion of the skin and improves the radiance of the skin. It is rich in antioxidant properties that reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Your skin remains hydrated.